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Meet Our Staff

Rev. Tim Droegemueller, Senior Pastor

Pastor Droegemueller is a sinner who was given new life through the power of God's Word and Spirit in Holy Baptism.  His only desire is to preach Christ and Him crucified to all, faithfully teach the Word of God, and to see people brought into full fellowship with our loving God through Jesus and His gifts of grace.  He and his wife, Susan, have six children: Jacob, Luke, Isaac, Elijah, Matthew, and Anna.

Rev. Isaac Baroi, Assistant Pastor

Our brother in Christ, Isaac Baroi, is from Bangledesh.  His journey includes being a Taize Monk in France and work with Mother Theresa in India.  He also ran the largest journalism group in Southeast Asia before fleeing persecution.  Life changed for him when he had interaction with Close of the Commandments and the Augsburg Confession.  His dear wife Monica stands faithfully with him at his side. 

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